Pain in Neck, Shoulder Blade and Arm

I have a pain in my neck and shoulder blade, and sometimes into my arm. What could be causing my pain, and what can I do about it?

Patients frequently experience symptoms of this type due to deterioration of disc and joints in the neck, which can irritate nerves. Nerves can be compressed as they exit the spinal canal Bibon spurs, herniated discs, and narrowing of the canal associated with the loss of disk height.

Initial treatment involves traction to reduce pressure on the nerves, and medication to decrease swelling and inflammation. Your symptoms might be relieved by a Cortizone injection around the inflamed nerves. If symptoms persist, surgery may be considered.

Frequently, the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Surgical options include removal of bone spurs and replacement of the damaged disk. Severely deteriorated discs and joints frequently require removal of the disc and the insertion of a spacer to relieve nerve pressure and fuse the bones together. In patients with a disc herniation or less severe deterioration, the disc can be replaced with an implant.

Patients recover quickly following surgery and return to most daily activities within two weeks.