Treating Yourself for Minor Injuries

Is there a problem with treating myself for minor injuries?

Simple injuries occur frequently, and although they may seem minor initially, without the proper diagnosis and treatment, can lead to even bigger problems.

A trip and fall over a curb, down a stair, or even over the family pet can lead to hand and wrist injuries that may initially seem simple. An immediate response by a number of people is to either “tough it out” or treat it with braces or splints that they received from others or used following a previous injury.

However, after an injury, if you have pain, swelling and bruising, it is best to be evaluated by a medical specialist because the injury sustained may be more than just a simple sprain or strain.

Even with simple sprains and stains - and with more significant injuries as well - a basic treatment with a splint or brace, when not applied or used correctly, can cause further complications. Stiffness, weakness, and other injuries can result form improper treatment and often delay healing and recovery.

When injured, it is important to seek treatment from a medical specialist in order to get you back to health in the safest and quickest way possible.